Chicken crock pot recipes – Garlic chicken with barley

Slow cookers are so great for convient, aren’t they? I love them. Today I’m making a terrific chiken recipe in my slow cooker, one of my chicken crock pot recipes, it’s chicken with barley and peas, it’s very easy and delicious, thou I do like to start out by browning my chicken, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to, it only takes a few minutes but I think is worth it because it adds so much adicional flavor. I’m using a chicken cut up in 10 pieces, I like to split the brests if they are large and than you just brown them untill they are nice and golden brown, that will take about 8 to 10 minutes total. You can skip it, but if you skip it, I recommend removing the skin from the chicken.
Ok, so we add 4 cloves of garlic thinly sliced and then one onion thinly sliced. The fun thing about this recipe, so fun :), is that the barley cooks right in the crock pot with all the other ingredients, no pre cooking needed. Add two thirds of a cup of pearl barley, that’s the kind that cooks more quickly, it’s the common kind, most barley that you find will be pearled. Add your onion and garlic, a quarter cup of white wine, I don’t like to use too much wine when I cook in the slow cooker beacause it does not evaporate that much and it can be very, very strong, so if you want that flavor just use a tiny bit, one and a half cup of chicken broth, use the low sodium if you’re using cans, it works great with all chicken crock pot recipes and normally I don’t add this much liquid when I’m cooking in the slow cooker beacause meat really releases alot of juice in the slow cooker, but beacause the barley is in there you need extra liquid, so that’s why that’s there. Then add your chicken to the slow cooker and then don’t forget to season with salt and pepper before you close everything up. Now cover it up and cook it on low for just 2 hours. So, this is not the kind of thing you make before you go to work, it’s the kind of thing you do while doing your laundry, beacause chicken cooks quite quickly in the slow cooker and you don’t want to over cook it.

After 2 hours, most of the liquid is absorbed, then what you wanna do is add one and a half cup of frozen peas. You will need to defrost the peas first, you just need the peas to heat through and you will accomplish that by stirring them in and for a little bit of freshness add two tea spoons of chopped tarragon, don’t over do it, tarragon can by quite strong, so be careful, this applies to all chicken crock pot recipes, not just for this one. If you don’t like the flavor of tarragon wich is kind like licorice, you can use parsley to add a fresh delicate flavor to your chicken. Stir the peas in and serv it up, I like to take the barley and peas and spoon them to the bottom of the plate and then place the chicken on top, it’s a nice presentation.

If you want to, you can do this recipe using all chicken brest, i know some people don’t like dark meat so, go ahead and replace your legs and wings with chicken brest. Enjoy!!!

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